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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Wildlands

In his book Escaping Destiny (the first book in the Tapestry trilogy), author Jeffrey Pierce describes a hard to find slice of reality where humans and the Fae live together in harmony, called the Wildlands. Protean and more than a little chaotic to the untrained outside eye, the Wildlands are a place where Nature is the final arbiter of reality... but only because the beings that live there, human, Fae, and mixed alike, all recognize the value of Balance.

Since reading Escaping Destiny, I've become deeply enamored with the idea of the Wildlands, both in a metaphorical sense and a literal one.

Do I believe that there is an actual place, just across some arcane boundary, where humans and Faeries cavort together in an endless forest bounded by an equally endless sea? Maybe not in so many words... but I do believe that there are places, many of them, in this world that human beings are just too narrow minded to ever find or visit. These are the places that I think of as the Wildlands.

There's a twist, though, from where I stand.

The Wildlands can be made, too. They can be created, right where you are.

When you start with yourself, and begin, in your heart, to seek after balance... when you finally, truly, open your eyes, and begin to look for ways to be a part, rather than apart... when you seek (and find) your Tribe... the first fragile seeds of the Wildlands are sown.

I live in a world, even now, where minor flashes of the miraculous occur every day, often several times a day. I say "minor," not because they're unimportant, but because they happen on a small, local, personal level. They're not Empire-leveling, Earth-saving events... or are they?

If everyone, everyday, embraced the miraculous... if everyone thought Tribe-first and Earth-first... how greatly might these little miracles add up? What awesome healing power might be wrought... if everyone embraced the Wildlands?

My brain isn't ready for Awesome of that scope... which is a (small) part of why I am excited about the little Amazingnesses that happen in my world all the time.

Magick is like a pair of shoes: the more often you wear them, the more easily they can be put on, and the more comfortable they become. (Unlike shoes, magick never wears out, but allow me my metaphor, won'tcha?) The more often you pause, become quiet and still, dig in, and give of yourself... the more readily the fountain of energy that burns in your heart refills itself, and the more you have to give. When you factor Tribe into this equation, and you have a number of like-minded people all focused on balance and mutual wellness... well, there, my friends, open the gates to the Wildlands.

The best, and (in my mind) most amazing part of all this is that it doesn't require an enormous investment of personal energy or time to get your feet onto this road. Not everyone is ready or instantly capable of the massive kind of metamorphosis that this process eventually turns into. Deep breaths and baby steps work just as well... and since all times are now anyway... it doesn't matter in the slightest how long it takes you to get there.

This world is in deep trouble; I don't think there's a sensible soul out there who would disagree with that. We need all the Wildlanders we can get.

We'll keep the hearth warm for you.

Wildlands, HO!


  1. My brother, my friend, my tribe. I cherish the very heart of you. You open my eyes to new possibilities every day and for that, I thank you. We have only yet begun this fight. Wildlands, HO!

  2. Wildlands, Ho! Beautiful post, Brother. :)

  3. Wildlands, Ho!! Wonderfully said, and I am honored to be co-creating this reality with all y'all. :)

  4. Wildlands!!!!! I long to be a part of the Wildlands!!! Another amazing blog again today!! Oh and ps I believe in Fairies as I have created a place where they truly do exist in a book I have written!! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!!

  5. I keep coming here to see what you've written next. I enjoy your vocabulary and your perspective.

  6. "Come on - ease on down, ease on down the road - don't you carry nothin that might be a load - come on, ease on down, ease on down the road."

    (I really don't know why the things you say inspire musical responses from me, but I enjoy it immensely. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with Lamb Chop anyway.)

  7. Good "W" post. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to visiting again soon.