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Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for You

Today, you get to be witness to a minor miracle: I'm going to limit myself to just a few words.

When we make the transition from the open-eyed, open-minded wonder of childhood to the resigned acceptance of adulthood, what we really do is go from Inside to Outside. Other people have the answer. Other people have the solutions. Other people make the plans... and we just... follow.

Today, it's time to turn back Inside. Today is about You.

So put some whipped cream on your hot chocolate. Watch cartoons in your pj's. Pretend you're an astronaut, or a rock star. Be grateful for the Miracle that is You.

I sure am.


  1. I love everything about you!! Seems that today great minds think alike in their choice of words!!! Thank YOU for the blessing of your friendship in my life!! :)

  2. From Inside to Outside... fantastic description. :D
    I'm grateful for you and everyone else I've meet recently... and I think it's time to indulge in that piece of fudge.

  3. "Pretend" I'm an astronaut? I thought I WAS an astronaut!

    (.... oh wait, that's space cadet....)*shrug*

    No matter - hot chocolate in hand, still in the pj's and very grateful for ALL of the above!
    (That includes you.) =)